Doggie Days


Maaaaaan. I’ve never taken such good care of anyone in my life. “Anyone” in this case turns out to be sexy. It’s Sexy the Boston Terrier. Yupp… and so begins another day in the life of an intern.

Another rather ordinary day for this intern, but what a big day it was a big day for the 2-year old pup, because she’ll be off in a jet plane tomorrow. Her French owner is going to Paris to work on Market Days. Pretty much to get as many new retailer clients as possible in this weeklong selling spree. And the precious darling gets to fly from one fashion capital to the next, spending as much time there as I ever have in Paris.

Many of you have been wondering what the heck I do as an intern for a fashion company listed by Well, children, let me enlighten you…

10:17 am
– Took Sexy out for a “walk” this morning
– She ‘went’ a grand total of 4 times – 3 urine, 1 bowel movement
– I pooch poop-scooped for the first time EVER (glad no one was in visible proximity)
– Wiped her paws with Cottonelle wet wipes when we returned

10: 39 am
– I overheard my boss saying he’ll send a messenger to JFK to get the papers signed, and say to him, “I have the slightest feeling I’m taking a field trip with Sexy.”
– He laughed

11:12 am
– Took her medical papers to the clinic
– Waited at least 10 minutes for the receptionist to find out whether Sexy’s health papers have expired
– In the meantime made small talk with the woman who had a beautifully marked cat called Harrison
– Dog needs new papers, so I book a 3 o’clock appointment to get her checked
– Called my boss to inform him that we actually need to bring her in but we don’t have to go to JFK airport for anything
– He disagreed but hastily told me to return and buy lunch on the way back
– I realized I didn’t bring cash so immediately hastily return to the “office”

2:44 pm
– After an awesome Lean Joe hot wrap from Energy Kitchen and a trip to Staples, I bring Sexy to the vet.
– She keeps sniffing at garbage, and getting pets from random strangers
– We get there on time.

2: 50 pm
– The vet’s assistant kept asking me questions about the dog. “Uhh… I think she’s been urinating fine…”


“We’ll always have Paris”








To JV, who, without him, I would not be here in New York blogging about my eccentric/ eclectic/ ordinary/ surprising/ quotidian adventures.