Wheel of Heel

Wheel of Heel

Omg, isn’t this genious!

I found this little innovation on Fashion Evolution‘s site.

Apparently it’s $69.95 at Bed, Bath & Beyond. You’d think that I’d take advantage of the fact that I’m in New York and run out to grab this. Slight issue: all my heels are in Van 😦


Why Complicate Simplicity?

I saw someone carrying this Marc Jacobs bag, and I was befuddled. Okay, so wearing Marc Jacobs over here is the norm whereas the name only rings a bell in Vancouver. Fair enough that New York incorporate high-end contemporary design into their everyday wardrobe. What seems a little unnecessary is not the vertical product line expansion, but the grandiose branded names they’re given.

Oh my nom…

JACOBS by Marc Jacobs for MARC by Marc Jacobs. Give me a break.

While Priya at Pomegranita gushed over its “cuteness,” I would rather spend $1 (vs JACOBS’ $12) on one of those in-the-moment eco-grocery bags.

Memoirs of a Miranda

Through the Taxi’s Glass

Let me briefly recount the history of my blogindecisiveness. Having been a fan of StyleBubble pretty much since she began blogging, I always thought I would blog about trends, fashion, street style, personal stylizations. blahcetera… the usu in the fashion blogosphere.

After being in New York for exactly 2 months (to the day!) it wasn’t until I went to a random Book Court reading in Brooklyn that I realized something so obvi about my style of writing. There were two authors there that day: a novelist and a memoirist, both amazed at the different type of work the other engages in. Says the memoirist, “I don’t think I can ever write a novel, I have no imagination!”

That’s when an eco-friendly lightbulb turned on, “I have no imagination too! We have so much in common!” Not exactly the common thing to say upon introduction to a well respected New York author, but hey, honesty is a pretty damn good policy.

Screw trying to write about fashion when I don’t own any fashion real estate. Screw opinion pieces too. Playing devil’s advocate with myself isn’t as entertaining for others to read as it is to myself in the confines of my mind. Even trying to write about my fashion interning experience wasn’t quite right. I am so much more than a coffee-fetching intern; I don’t need to actualize the less than entry level position by blogging through that identity!

This blog is about whatever the heck interesting happens in my life, narration to stream of consciousness edited appropriately.