Why Complicate Simplicity?

I saw someone carrying this Marc Jacobs bag, and I was befuddled. Okay, so wearing Marc Jacobs over here is the norm whereas the name only rings a bell in Vancouver. Fair enough that New York incorporate high-end contemporary design into their everyday wardrobe. What seems a little unnecessary is not the vertical product line expansion, but the grandiose branded names they’re given.

Oh my nom…

JACOBS by Marc Jacobs for MARC by Marc Jacobs. Give me a break.

While Priya at Pomegranita gushed over its “cuteness,” I would rather spend $1 (vs JACOBS’ $12) on one of those in-the-moment eco-grocery bags.


One thought on “Why Complicate Simplicity?

  1. he does that on purpose.
    it’s supposed to be a joke on the fact that designers take themselves so seriously & feel like they need to brand everything.

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