Update, Update

Heyyy guys… I haven’t posted in a while because I was running around in circles.

So I went to the two interviews I mentioned in the last post, and haven’t heard from them yet. It’s still early butttt I don’t think I got either. Not to worry, being questioned about your career in a professional manner often makes me reflect whether I’m going in the right direction.

I kept talking about marketing marketing marketing – market research, branding, e-marketing… things too operational and hands on for me to appreciate. Just now, in the official Matthew Williamson office (apt 10a…) I flipped on New York radio for the first time and listened to a community program discuss sustainability program initiatives. That got me SO EXCITED, way more than the fashion opportunities I’ve encountered in the past while. And that is to say I’ve been in some pretty amazing environments, including in the Diane von Furstenburg design studio in the Garment District, meeting Allegra Hicks at her Upper East Side retail store, and helping out with the charity trunk show party for the evening. This may come to a surprise, but I felt like I was doing “oh my god i hate my job” work.

I know this about myself. I know as an Aries, an ENTP, stubborn Ox, I can succeed in a variety of industries, as long as I’m interested. Technically, I can probably work in publishing, entertainment, a physics lab, so long as I’m in a pioneering role. The issue is double-edged: if I don’t see the big picture, this Ram becomes lost.

Without entirely dismissing fashion, things haven’t worked out lately because I’ve been surrounded by things too operational with no hope of doing bigger and better things. The biggest impact is being at MW. We’re in our infancy: scouting a flagship location, office space, and show room, while expanding to new multi-brand designer retailers… but I’m excluded from all that. All I’m here to do is this market research project.

Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is I’ve come to (re)discover my true passion and talent is to make BIG positive changes: seeing a seemingly unrealistic vision, getting others enthusiastic about it, and doing whatever it takes to make it come true. I’m an idealist at heart and that’s what drives me. We’re talking about the type of person who gets the biggest satisfaction from being called clever. Thinking back, my proudest achievements were all based on this philosophy; I build (or reconstruct) the foundation and leave it in the hands of people who will add their own perspective/style/values and keep improving it. Life is a collaborative effort.

And I’ve been doing this for the past 7 years… Templeton Sun Run team (named Renegades of Funk grace a Jason Bakas), the high school grad dance off at the Talent Show, the Commerce Snack Bar, Style and the City, BizzComm, Murder Mystery. These are all things that have become part of my identity that I’d enjoyed every excruciating moment conceptualizing and organizing because they’re solid ‘landmarks’ in which I added value to my schools.

After much rambling, I shall cease this shameless monologue. I would like to ask you guys for a favor though: if you know anyone who’s pioneering, entrepreneurially-minded, likes taking big risks to make big changes, would you be kind to let me know? I’d love to connect with like-minded people, share the ups and downs, and to solidify my current plans of leaving the operational to Dream Big.

Love & Hugs to all my f.r.i.e.n.d.s.


4 thoughts on “Update, Update

  1. Oh don’t go running round in circles, so unproductive! Seriously, tho’, it does sound like you need a break, get into doing something that really fills you with gurgly giggles and tears, too! Makes you feel like a cream soda fountain inside, you know, all bubbly and woowoowooh, like you know, like you are having fun. FUN! You don’t sound like you really had much fun lately, you know, sort of carefree laughter stuff. What I’m really driving at here is, reading your post, I feel like you need to get your breath, go for a walk, sniff the air, think back to some time in your life not too long ago when you felt “Yeah!” “I like this, this is so FUN!” Maybe it was a person, maybe it was a conversation, a fairground ride, a carousel, a run on the beach, chasing your dog through the park?

    It felt like wow, fun! Whatever it was, whoever you were with, ok? Now take a few minutes to feel those feelings again, real deep inside you. Can you bring that back? Get some more of that fun? That’s where you need to be headed. Meet some new casul friends, get out a bit, visit some relatives you haven’t been to see in a while, go somewhere really different in the country. Does the air smell different? Do you like it there? Maybe it is your star guiding you!

    Have a seriously good think about changing everything so as to tap into the real you. You sound a little jaded and you need to regain your focus. Like while you’ve been running round in circles you lost something. Your sense of direction, of the big purpose in your life.

    Anyway, go sniff some of that air, wherever you are and I’ll catcha later, kid! Good luck! 🙂

  2. Okay, since my policy is to publish all comments non-spam, i approved the one up there. I didn’t really think people who weren’t my friends would read let alone comment.

    Anyyyway, here’s my rebuttle statement.

    If you read carefully, my point is that I’ve stopped running in circles. I’m ready to take on entrepreneurial, risk-taking challenges: “I’ve come to (re)discover my true passion and talent is to make BIG positive changes” Perhaps it’s too vague to sound like I’ve made that a life goal, but like I mentioned… I’ve yet to focus on an industry.

    And the whole FUN bit… how can someone so easily assume? You’re half right about it. I just moved to NY but I have found some great friends here – wouldn’t trade them for the world type.

    Thanks for stopping by, Zowoco. Good to have feedback from the blogger community.

  3. soooooooooooooooo….why don’t you dream big and take on self-employment and live your own dreams instead of working for someone else’s?

  4. Hello hello again: it just goes to show you never know! I live in a small country called Wales in the UK. The national sport is Rugby Football and the food is Roast Lamb. Welsh people are renowned for their singing – Wales is called The Land of Song!

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