I doo!

I always have a tough time with spring jackets. As an extremely polar person, I don’t see the point in having a light jacket that doesn’t serve its function for much of the season. Today, though, as I’m mindlessly going through Barneys (again, this time for competitive pricing), I come across the real life version of this trench I’ve been eyeing for a while.

  • Designer: doo.ri
  • Retail: $1995
  • Retailer: Barneys New York

The coat is even cuter in person ❤


Moving Forward

The management at the design label I’m interning at basically told me there would be no way in hell I’d be hired after the internship. New North American branch, low resources… fair enough. So I’ve been battling it out with myself – why am I still working on this project for them?!

So in between these two weeks of working independently, I’ve applied to a few other places… and oh my gosh! I have two interviews this week. One at a new accessories firm, and the second at an established Contemporary designer. Both with great prospects of getting a (paying) job.

As much as I couldn’t stand my family/friends pushing me to “Get a real job!!!!!” I’ve gotta appreciate my thanks. This is another example smack in my face of going for what I want. If we don’t try at all, we won’t make mistakes, but we also won’t move forward from where we are. I’ve definitely come to live by this philosophy:

“As you have sown, so shall you reap” – Marcus T. Cicero

Chie Mihara = Fashion + Function

I’ve been seeing this Japanese designer’s latest collection in West Village, and I LOVE! They’ve got really great gladiator sandals which I couldn’t find the pictures of. They retail for about $300 but the best part is that the husband of this husband-wife designer team is a podiatrist. All the shoes are made for fashionable comfort! Cost benefit analysis: Anyway, check out Chie Mihara.

Compare those with the MBT Swiss Masaius physiological footwear I came across in the Upper East Side…

Off the Runway

I’m usually not the star struck type, but Project Runway is definitely one of my favourite shows. I totally respect that these designers go through Heidi hell & pick themselves back up again. At Runway #5 auditions, I was lucky enough to meet Malan Breton of Season 3 and Christian, winner of Season 4!

Malan’s doing lots right now – he’s got a miniseries on BravoTV.com and his collection will be carried at Holt Renfrew.

This guy’s so tiny I feel fat next to him!