Moving Forward

The management at the design label I’m interning at basically told me there would be no way in hell I’d be hired after the internship. New North American branch, low resources… fair enough. So I’ve been battling it out with myself – why am I still working on this project for them?!

So in between these two weeks of working independently, I’ve applied to a few other places… and oh my gosh! I have two interviews this week. One at a new accessories firm, and the second at an established Contemporary designer. Both with great prospects of getting a (paying) job.

As much as I couldn’t stand my family/friends pushing me to “Get a real job!!!!!” I’ve gotta appreciate my thanks. This is another example smack in my face of going for what I want. If we don’t try at all, we won’t make mistakes, but we also won’t move forward from where we are. I’ve definitely come to live by this philosophy:

“As you have sown, so shall you reap” – Marcus T. Cicero