“Hello, my name is #14!”

You guys aren’t gonna believe what I did last week… I went for a round of speed-dating! So the deal is the ladies stay seated while the guys come around every 4 minutes. Get to know them, jot down their number, and awkwardly make comments about them when you hear the whistle blow. Here’s a rundown on some of the guys:

Omar #33: Asked me to name 2 things I wouldn’t tell the other guys. Expecting something sexual, much? He was so used-car salesman I probably should have told him something absurd like “I cut up my underwear when I get angry.”

Chris # 41: Worked at Club Monaco. Came in Club Monaco clothing. We talked about Club Monaco. During the break he sat at the barstool by himself.

Mankeet # 34: The Indian guy who has an Indian accent at Deutsche Bank. Sounded like he was there to ask for your hand in marriage. Um… no thanks, and please don’t come again.

Andrew # 39: First thing he said: “The weather is good.” This was a conversation 4 minutes too long.

JC # 42: Last thing he said: “I hope you choose me too.”

(* You can see Club Monaco guy on barstool in the 3rd pic!)

It was entertaining, to say the least. After about four conversations, I was a financial banker of Korean descent who got offended when they asked me whether I could speak Korean. I recommend it if you are bored hell out of your mind and need easy entertainment.

Yet, my night was only beginning. I walked up to a different group of people and introduced myself, thinking they were in the other speed-dating circle. Turns out they were having drinks for their friends’ Bon-Voyage-for-Global-Travels party and they kidnapped me for a round of late nite sushi. Cheers to New York randomness!


New New York Experience

Never been much of the clubbing type. It takes a lot of time and alcohol for me to start expressing myself freely with movement. (Fact: the first FB group I joined was “Holy Shit! I’m Awkward” :P) But I was at the Asian-themed HIRO to support Queena who was performing in Carnival: Choreographer’s Ball, an event similar to America’s Best Dance Crew

Throughout the performances, I noticed there were quite a few pieces themed futuristic galaxy, national defense, and other forms of art (mime, ballet). There was a lot of American apparel silver wear, animal print tights, neon – your current trends worked to an extreme! The styling was out of this world too: from wigs to the sunglasses, to the way one guy wore orange coveralls… I wish I had remembered to stick the battery into my camera. I would have loved to show you guys their ‘costumes’!

I entertained the idea of being a stylist for a little… wouldn’t it be so fun to conceptualize their outfits, scrounge the city for the pieces, create new ones, then put it all together for a complete look? Thought bubble popped when I recalled my new friend telling me how Kanye’s stylist didn’t want her help because she didn’t want to lose her job. Oh well, I have Me, Myself & I to style, and we always have fun!

Being in new environments and meeting new people is always exciting, fun, scary. It places you in uncomfortable situations and you learn what you don’t like, and why you don’t like it. New experiences could make you feel like you don’t want to wait another second before taking over the world. Then you know you’ve got something going on for you… as long as you’re willing to accept what you ask for.

In my case, I thought I would enjoy the production aspect. As you know I’m a fashion show coordinator extraordinaire! At coat check though, I was next to Carnival’s producer and had little interest in starting up a conversation. On the other hand, my mind wandered to the dancers’ outfits, how some were so unique you’d need a personal tailor to create them. Someone could make a job out of that! Interest also piqued when the host announced a choreographer was starting a clothing line. Miranda’s brain: “Oh my gosh! I want a clothing line! That could be me! I could do it!”

One really important thing I’ve learned during this journey away from home is to listen to your heart during those little AHA! moments. You know what’s best for you, and those are moments of clarity that put everything into perspective. It’s what got me to NY in the first place. Try it and maybe you’ll surprise yourself.

xoxo, Mir